OSCeleton / Tryplex Applescript

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Nothing really important but I think it can be useful...

Here is a little AppleScript to run OSCeleton, sendosc then run a composition in Quartz Composer.

I can't manage to make the "fullscreen" automatic though...

Check the paths in the script to adapt to your own path.



Kinect OSceleton hit Test (multiple Boxes or areas)

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Has anyone done hit tests not with multiple people but with multiple areas or boxes, so you can hit one box on your left to change color and then another above you and then another on your right and so on?

osceleton + rbg or depth

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hey, is it possible to put the rbg or depth image of the kinect under the ocsceleton? so it looks like the openNI sample. saw "itsthejayj" stuff but i have no clue how to manage that.

and would it then be possible to manipulate a cylinder a bit like the image attached? i think i saw a osceleton manipulating metaballs?!

_ 10.6.6

Tryplex Kinect Toolkit

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Hi everyone,

We've just released the first version of the Tryplex Kinect Toolkit. It's a set of QC macro's that work together with OSCeleton.

The download and Installation doc's and more info is up at: http://code.google.com/p/tryplex/

More stuff coming soon, please share your improvements, results, problems, ideas and suggestions!

Kinect + Art-Net+fiesta.net + Laser?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to achieve something which might be impossible, anyway here it goes:

I want to control a laser through a fiesta.net device. Has anyone an idea if this might be possible using the Art-Net plug in?

In the end the goal is to beam an osceleton-drivven font, so i'll be able to send kine(c)tic texts. (the font is made-up from openGl lines and points)

Any ideas?