multiple kinect

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someone knows if it's posible to connect more than one kinect cameras in a QC composition?... how?...

thank you!

Problems in visualizing the skeleton in Synapse

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Hi all, I can't visualize the skeleton in Synapse, so that when I open QC with the dedicated patch (qcOSC), I don't receive any skeleton data.

The strange thing is that the skeleton appeared the first time I opened Synapse, but then maybe something went wrong and I didn't get it any more.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

calibrate projector for kinect

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I'm working on a project with the Kinect camera.

once created the composition with quartz composer, I seek the method for projection has the same ratio of the detected distances from the kinect camera, calibrate the projector in relation to the vision of the camera.

thank you very much for your support

controling particles

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Hi, Im completely new in quartz composer and as my first project Im trying to make kinect controlled patch using particle tools, but my problem is that I have to force particles to stay on place (with bit buzzing move) and make smithing like dusty circle. (someone will move them by moving hands and making oscilater noise through max/msp) The problem is to force particles make some shape (emitter does not work). Tried to use particle cloud from 1024 but I can't make it work. Any help?

Dual IR & RGB Kinect Read

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I am looking to grab both the RGB and IR feed from a Kinect simultaneously. I'd like to get the RGB feed for one process and use the Infrared on another.

I tried using two instances of the v002 Kinect patch but only one would work.

Does anyone know if this is a possibility without having to purchase 2 Kinects?

Thanks for any tips or hints,


*Plugin can be found here: