Fading a layer with artnet

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I am totally new to this stuff, but I am trying to make a mini media server. What I want to do is create 2 layers of output. I want to select the image in each layer and want to fade between them. I have found the built in dissolve and fade modules, but I want to fade in time with the lighting cue thru art net. I am stumped on how to control opacity via 0-255 or 1% - 100%. All the controls I find are from 0-1 with decimals in between. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The only work around I can find is to use the dissolve module and send it data for time and which images to crossfade between. This is not ideal though.

Thanks again

Kinect + + Laser?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to achieve something which might be impossible, anyway here it goes:

I want to control a laser through a device. Has anyone an idea if this might be possible using the Art-Net plug in?

In the end the goal is to beam an osceleton-drivven font, so i'll be able to send kine(c)tic texts. (the font is made-up from openGl lines and points)

Any ideas?

Lanbox with Art-net

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Lanbox has has released a fiwmware uppdate with support for Art-net for its dmx boxes, so it should finally work with QC.

I´ll post about compatibility later.

art-net tools does not register in QC4

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Every time Quartz Composer starts it asks me to register Kineme Art-Net. When i do so it tells me the registration is successful, but next time i open QC it asks me to register again.

I'm using 10.6 (10.5 works just fine)

any suggestions?

Art-Net Receiver Issue

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I am using the Art-NEt receiver to listen for transmissions from an ETC Congo.

We are receiving values, but whenever a change is made on the faders of the Congo Console, all of the values in the Kineme plug-in drop to zero for a short amount of time (less than a second).

This causes videos being triggered by these inputs to reset or flicker.

If I analyze incoming packets outside of QC or the patch, the values are being transmitted smoothly.

Do you know what the problem here may be?