Kinect + + Laser?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to achieve something which might be impossible, anyway here it goes:

I want to control a laser through a device. Has anyone an idea if this might be possible using the Art-Net plug in?

In the end the goal is to beam an osceleton-drivven font, so i'll be able to send kine(c)tic texts. (the font is made-up from openGl lines and points)

Any ideas?

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Re: Kinect + + Laser?

Lasers are controlled by ILDA protocol. is a proprietary protocol used to convert signals to ILDA, from what is read. is also the name of their software, running on windows. Fiesta is different from Artnet, I assume.

You would need to send Artnet signal to a Artnet-DMX box, connected to your box, connected to your laser. As far as I recall, you can only send scene changes via DMX to a laser, not control the beam directly.

I guess you'll have to test by yourself.

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Re: Kinect + + Laser?


thanks for the information, i'll update the process in here if i get some usefull results.'s picture
Re: Kinect + + Laser?

any results you get??? place lat me know; you can send me a Email. :)