Phidget Accelerometer Patch transition from Tiger

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Hiroaki from Japan made in 2006 this Phidget Accelerometer Patch for Quartz Composer in Tiger. Hiroaki's website Is somebody interested in transforming it into Leopard or Snow Leopard? I attach the sourcefile and the XCodeproject Hiroaki provides.

Plugin Installs

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I installed the Kineme plugins in the /Library/Graphics/Patches folder on the root of the system drive and I do not see them in Quartz Composer.. I am running Tiger 10.4. Quartz Composer ver. 2.1.1. I have restarted the computer and still do no see them in QC. The plugins I put in are:

  • AudioVideo-0.2
  • DirectoryScannerBlocking-0.2
  • extract_in_your_Documents_Folder
  • FolderMoviesPatch-0.3
  • ImageWithCompositionPatch-0.3
  • KinemeCore-0.1
  • KinemeQuartzComposerPlugins-0.2
  • LoadUserPluginsFolder-0.1
  • ParticleTools-0.2
  • PBMesh-0.1
  • QuickLook-0.2
  • SnapToGrid-0.1
  • SpeechSynthesisPatch-0.3
  • SpookyPatch-0.2
  • StructureTools-0.1
  • TextFileWriterPatch-0.3
  • TexturePatch-0.5
  • XcodeTemplateForCustomQuartzComposerPatches-tiger-0.5.pkg

I realize some of these plugins are only for leopard. Do I have any listed that cannot be use in Tiger or is there another problem somewhere. I would really like to use these plugins. They seem to be what I'm looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Steve