New Plugin : Twitter Hashtag Search

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Hi friends , i made this plugin to read tweets via hashtag in quartz directly, all you need is a developer account, and read the tutorial inside the zip.

Here the link to my dropbox and i attach a zip with all the files.

good luck!

Box2D plug-in

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Happy to share these 3 Quartz Composer plug-ins bundles:

  • oz.Box2D (11 patches): a "port" of some of the functions of the Box2D physics library, that let the complex polygons limitation be transparent, amongst other things;
  • oz.Geometry (21 patches): some custom geometric functions.
  • oz.Strings (5 patches): a new version (0.33) of my previously released plug-in, aimed to output easily configured text.

Download at: (under construction like ever)

Pure Data plug-in ?

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Hello !

Did I dream or did I see a libpd plugin passing by here ? I can't manage to find it again, and I'm asking myself if I was dreaming...

Thank you to bring me back to reality...


Order of deallocation of patches

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Hi !

I'm trying to check the order of deallocation of patches in a comp. I NSLogged all of my deallocations, but I don't know if I can really rely on the order it displays in the Console, and I really need to deallocate in a specific order.

I would be really grateful for any tips on this point.

Thank you.

libpd built into a QC Plugin

Is it possible to build LIBPD into a quartz composition? LibPD is built for simple integration into existing systems and has already been built into iOS etc...

Cheers, Alex