Output Frame Rate

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I was wondering if there was a way to output the frame rate of a composition, such as to another computer or device via OSC.

When I pull up the fps patch, there are only inputs and no outs. Is there a way to get the fps number into some sort of output?

higher playback rates than 1 using movie importer

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i'm currently working on an interactive project where the speed of a bicycle dynamo will generate a midi cc signal that will interact with movie playback rate and exposure in qc. i got an arduino and a midi shell on it's way, the excellent tom scarff has been very helpful! using the movie importer in asynchronous mode, i have access to the playback rate. but it doesen't exceed 1. i've tried searching the site for posts that've touched on this topic, but haven't found any. could someone help out? i thought of a dirty workaround to export the sequence at double speed, and use rate 0.5 as normal, but it will have quite a severe impact on audio.