Movement Difference filter

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Can anybody please shed some light on whether there already is, or how to make a "difference" filter that only shows the moving parts of the image. I call it difference filter because that is what it was called in Isadora and it worked quite well. I want something to filter out static backgrounds from a moving foreground, I believe an apple isight app did something similar. Any suggestions/links?

Kineme Network Tools loses key in Preferences Plist

I have been unable to reproduce this bug manually, but it occurs on at least weekly basis (running 24 hours a day). It happens on 20 different machines, usually at the same time (but not always), and I think may be related to intermittent network access (network drops, NetworkTools is activated).

Somehow net.kineme.NetworkTools.plist is losing the "NTKey" entry. I've attached a working .plist and a corrupted one that is missing the NTKey entry. I've changed the extension to .txt to allow attachment.

kineme registration keys

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was wondering if someone at kineme could email me my registration keys for quartz builder, quartz crystal, and kineme 3d.

it seems only chart tools is still available as a key under my/accounts/orders. i payed full price for quartz builder and quartz crystal and got kineme 3d a couple years ago at an introductory beta price. i have no problems paying any additional monies for a new version of k3d if that is needed.

i just added a new user to my computer and qc is requesting me to register again.

should i install kineme products into my hd/library/graphics folder instead of my home folder to avoid this in the future ?