Kineme Network Tools loses key in Preferences Plist

I have been unable to reproduce this bug manually, but it occurs on at least weekly basis (running 24 hours a day). It happens on 20 different machines, usually at the same time (but not always), and I think may be related to intermittent network access (network drops, NetworkTools is activated).

Somehow net.kineme.NetworkTools.plist is losing the "NTKey" entry. I've attached a working .plist and a corrupted one that is missing the NTKey entry. I've changed the extension to .txt to allow attachment.

Structure from file suggestion

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So while working with a couple different means of data managing across multiple machines (30+ locally, on the same network.) We've decided to set up a single mac as a webserver and have that mac pull all the various data points from different locations and funnel them down into a single data point for the other mac to pull from via a plist on the webserver using the structure to/from file toolset. Upon doing this I discovered the limitation of only being able to read from a local path in the plugin. I was wondering what anyone thought of a url loader for the structure from file to allow plist loading from url, or how hard it would be to implement. I know the Xml file reader will pull the plist off the webserver but its not going to work for my particular practices due to the formating of the plist file.




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HI all.

I´m going on tour with a show in Europe and I need to make subtitles in diferent languages that will be screened for the audience in sync with a mov playing (sepparate displays).

So I have this subtitle file .xls file I´ve pulled out of DVDsp:

00:05:54:21 , 00:05:57:14 , I don't understand it 00:05:58:01 , 00:06:00:07 , Time flies so fast 00:06:00:07 , 00:06:04:06 , that it almost stands still

etc..I have about 1000 lines

So first I need to build something QC understands. I´ve been trying to export into .cvs then convert to .plist with

But I get a plist that yelds nothing in Kineme Structure from file.

So in short: how do I make a structure in QC from an excel file?

Value Historian load .plist

It'd be nice to be able to load from a folder of .plist files as a structure of files. I guess this could require a new "plist" patch that outputs the structure of files, and an input on the Value Historian.

Right now I believe the only way to use multiple files is to create multiple Value Historian patches with different files loaded to each, then switch between them.

kineme structure to file and structure from file troubles

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Ok, Im using the structure to file plugin to write a plist of a structure that is 7500 indexes long. When I use the structure from file plugin to bring the plist back into quartz the structure is in no decernable order, is there any way to sort this list,

Ive tried the structure sort (not to sure on all the keys to use with it though) but it jumps the structure names and sorts the values which is not what I want.

the plist structure is laid out as follows


as I stated previously, only the final value would get sorted but I need the "quartzstructure_####" sorted instead.

If anybody could shed some light and assist me it would be greatly appreciated