Syphon and mad mapper.

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Hello Kineme people, I'm new to Quartz Composer, MadMapper and Resolume but learning fast. I recently have been playing with QC and have been trying to syphon it into Mad. I have downloaded the plug in and i can save a QC file and it will work if i drag and drop the saved file in ( into the QC area near the movies images etc)

However, there is another option in which to syphon, and it doesn't work. Can i use syphon to change things on QC live and if so am i missing something? How do i do it?

Plus on the syphon of QC in Mad it receives something but not image/animation shows.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

PS Kineme is amazing

Blob Tracking Quartz Balloons

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Hi, Juddy from Melbourne , Australia.

I am looking to track slow moving balloons and then project on them in darkness with a Kinect or IR camera setup possibly using quartz with audio reactive plugins.

Currently looking at a combination of Kinect, QC, Modulate and Madmapper but having trouble getting this to work.

Can anyone with similar experience suggest a different setup/chain/workflow?

Thanks very much in advance


RFID + Ableton + Madmapper

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I'm currently working on a school project at Hyper Island where we want to do video mapping trough Madmapper on a 3d wall and combine this with music from Ableton. Everything should be controlled by using RFID-tags in gloves. So when you put your glove on a RFID-reader a certain beat starts to play and certain visual effects start to show. When you put your glove on another RFID-reader the beat and visuals change.

Does anyone have tips on how to connect everything? Maybe through Quartz Composer?

I would really appreciate some help. THANK YOU!

/ Filippa