machinesdontcare tb SoundFlower 1.01

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Hi guys,

I had this working and it suddenly stopped.

if i spacebar preview the qc file i can see what it should load. But when i open the attached file nothing happens. its just a black viewer. why would that happen?

I have the new audio tools installed which it requires

Can someone please try run this comp.

Thanks Stu

soundflower for lion

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if you use soundflower and have upgraded to lion, you will notice there is some serious distortion. so i have made a build of soundflower and soundflowerbed that works with lion.

sunflower requires some specific user permissions that Xcode doesn't handle so you will have to run the build script.

• remove soundflower with apple script. • open terminal and build

$ cd /sound_flower_lion_1.5.3/Tools
$ ./build.rb --dep
$ "enter password"

• restart computer • run soundflowerbed • choose soundflower in audio list

this is only for 10.7 - 32/64bit machines


404 Live Visuals - Cure for the Glitch (Composition by 404visuals)

Author: 404visuals
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.07.13
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

I had a few people ask about the composition file from this video...

Feel free to have a play around with it!

Installations required

Soundflower 1.5.1 -
Soundflowerbed - included in Soundflower download
Kineme Audio Tools 0.8 -
v002 Glitch 2.0 -
v002 Film Effects 1.0.2 -
v002 Blur Effects 2.0.2 -
Kineme Structure Tools -

David - Audio reactive, interactive and live visuals!

Soundflower for Snow Leopard

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Well I don't know about you but the current build of soundflower doesn't seem to work with snow leopard until now. Here is the snow leopard soundflower package. As per the licensing and distribution agreement i have to include the source file that you can download in order to re distribute sound flower. As per sound flower bed that works as well. install my snow leopard soundflower package then either build the soundflower bed from the source or download the binary from google code and do a custom install from the current distribution 1.4.3 make sure to not install sound flower only sound flower bed from the current build because there is a problem with their kext file which you will probably know if you are reading this.