"Well Well Well" - QuartzComposer/Kinect Music Video

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I put together this music video last week, which used an application I've developed that leverages QuartzComposer.

I decided to try using a kinect (via v002 Open Kinect) with the app's built in FX, and also made a few setups that used the NI Rutt Etra 3.0, and this was the result:

Well Well Well from George Toledo on Vimeo.

V002 movie player & 5.1 surround sound

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Hi, has anyone tried playing files with embedded 5.1 surround sound audio, or indeed any format of surround sound sound audio through the v002 movie player plugin? If so could you give details on how it performed?

v002 screen capture fail to work with histogram

i cannot get v002 video capture to function with histogram in QC 4.0. the video input device works fine, any image source seems to work with histogram. i've tried combining video capture with other image and video, but no valid histogram data is available.

anyone else have this issue?

Away Walk

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I threw the James Gang's Walk Away in the sonic orange juicer, and made this qtz visual by feeding some footage of them playing on a webclip to QC.