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Multitouch patch & Structure key member

i want to make some sort of breakout box for the multitouch patch but i cant get it to work! i've red in a post somewhere on this site that i had to use the "Structure key member" patch but it doesn't work for me. the patch behaves like i put in a non existing key member and shows no output at all. i have made a little test composition so that the key member patch always asks for a finger id that is being used but still no luck. i think that the problem is that the key member can't extract the key. i'm using snow leopard and have no other leopard machines to test if this is snow leopard only. i have attached a screenshot of my test composition so that you can see that i did (maybe i have done something wrong). i hope you are able to fix my problem and that i soon can resume my multitouch project.

Postscript Language Patch

Here's a random idea that just occurred to me: how about a Postscript language patch for 2D vector rendering?

Maybe with added support for reading-in Illustrator or SVG files and maybe even 'doing stuff' to the vectors before rendering them (I'm thinking Vector Filters of some sort).

Just a random thought...


Kineme GL Camera Patch with Target coordinates

Hi there, I would like to suggest/ask for more settings for the Kineme GL Camera Patch.

Currently,the GL Camera Patch looks like a 3D Transform Patch with "inverted" coordinates and Rotations settings.

It could be very useful to have more parameters for the Kineme GL Camera, like in many 3D/Compositing Softwares.

I think it could be easier for animation and more useful to have "normal" coordinates and rotations settings for the GL Camera (like a classic 3D Object), and to add instead some "Target" settings (X,Y,Z Positions inputs) to define where the GL Camera is looking...

In this way the GL Camera movements could be set regardless of his point of interest. It could be easier to move around and to follow 3D Objects, and set the GL Camera Positions independently.

We should discern two position inputs setting (X,Y,Z) in this Patch: The GL Camera position (Point of view). The Target position (Point of interest).

Et Voilà !!!

Another idea: I think it could be useful to include (not merge) the "Kineme GL Field of View Patch" settings with the GL Camera.

QuartzBuilder should use the previous app icon

QuartzBuilder should use the previous app icon which was added by the user. Ideally it would act like the image picker in iChat and when clicked pop open a grid of previously used app icons. As a stopgap you could have a reset button if you wanted users to be able to return to the QuartzBuilder icon.

QuartzBuilder Esc key to exit option

QuartzBuilder should provide an option to use the Esc key to exit which should be enabled by default.