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ChartTools does not render in QuartzCrystal

Hey y'all,

ChartTools 1.0 does not produce any rendered movie in QuartzCrystal 2.0.

Solution: install ChartTools 1.1.

iTunes Visualizer

My .qtz file works fine.

So I bought QuartzBuilder 2.0 and exported the project ok.

But when I try to launch the compiled .app i get the following error:

"An unexpected error occurred (error code -10810)"

and my app won't start, grrrrrrrrrrr

I cannot find an explanation of 10810.

Any ideas...?

Crash problem with ArtDmx Receiver

Hi, I am Italian excuse for my English... I have problem with ArtDmx Receiver (ArtNet Sender works correctly). With test file SendReceive.qtz when stop and run again Viewer, Quartz Composer show an error and exit.. In attach the report file. I have try with another Imac but same problem remains. If I don't stop and run the viewer, ArtDmx Receiver receive just one time and then it doesn't refresh the structure. I have regulary purchased the Art-net tools but work just on sender. I use Mac Os X 10.6.4 and the last Quartz Composer. Thanks for your help

Quartz Builder Mouse/Multitouch Events Forwarding/Window Events

In Leopard, I used to do activities like tie mouse outputs to window x/y position, using the Quartz Builder template, and have windows follow the mouse, usually with some smoothing, or something.

I've tried to do this in Snow Leopard, and it just doesn't work. I also tried it with Multitouch, and events still don't forward. Further, I tried hooking up the outputs of mouse/multitouch to a "dud" Billboard, just to make sure they would evaluate. None of this makes it work.

Objects "inside of a qtz" that may be hooked up to mouse also stop tracking when window focus is broken, but I'll file that in a separate report when I'm sure about it (though I'm pretty darn sure). I used to make "floating" apps, or desktop apps that did this. (re:hairball.qtz attachment)

Also, I seem to be having problems with things going Fullscreen. I'm attaching a composition that uses multitouch (which forwards successfully), and SEEMS like it should go fullscreen (nothing fancy with interaction, it's just set on Fullscreen to true).

So, it seems like QuartzBuilder is now limited to opening at a specific width/height, and that if using mouse, the window always has to be in focus to move objects in the qtz. It also seems like all fancy window resize/translate with mouse stuff isn't working.

K3D Loader features - Axis Swap / MTL Loader

This feature would be on the loader, and swap y and z axis.

I've used this loader in Google Sketchup:


... and found the feature to be handy.

In addition, the handling of MTL files with this script is cool. Maybe there could be an Image Structure input on the structure render that is in beta, for loading MTL. Perhaps this could be adapted to work with loading dae texture via this port as well.