3: Done

Quartz Builder Published Inputs

it would be nice to have in Quartz Builder an option to add sliders and GUI elements to published inputs automatically (by data types, number color string etc) FxFactory does it, to generate FCP Plugins

QB with fullscreen option

would be great to be able to generate a full screen view for applications

Kineme Structure from File Memory Leak

Once you load data with the Kineme Structure from File and watch the memory usage in activity monitor, if you stop the composition, this memory is not released by the patch.

Unsuccessful attempts at using QuartzBuilder

I am excited about QuartzBuilder but it is not working for me. For each composition i try and build it presents a window with random peices of some graphics buffer, but not the image in the composition. Each one of these were small compositions that used only the basic patches (and of course until i pay for it) fewer than 50 patches. Are there instructions that go with it that would help me? Also, i tried adding the image as a resource and it made no difference.

i attached one example.


Patch to handle more than one firewire camera separately

It would be amazing to be able to handle more than one firewire camera on Quartz Composer. I already tried with two different kinds of cable (FW400 / FW800) but no success at all. Ah I agree that Apple should be able to offer that. Cheers