3: Done

input splitter-->root macro patch

public an input splitter directly in the root macro patch from wherever you are...?

particle systems

particle emitter with collision and proximity parameters


I was able to use the Serial IO patch with my Arduino (http://www.arduino.cc/) to send a string to it and control an LED on/off, but I wasn't able to use the analog output to control the intensity of the light.

So that got me thinking that maybe you could make an Arduino patch that would make it easy to work with it from QC. I think that your best bet would be to use the Firmata firmware.


error at launch

I don't know what means.I hope that someonecan help me.

-[QCPatchClassDescription initWithNodeClass:]: ivar "outputImage" of class "KinemeImageWithComposition" is not a subclass of GFPort
0x90f6fc82: GFException
0x90f718c5: GFThrowException
0x90f6fe1b: _ivarToPortClass
0x90ebc4c3: -[GFNodeClassDescription initWithNodeClass:]
0x90ebc214: +[GFNode initialize]
0x90ebcc0e: +[QCPatch initialize]
0x93810b18: _class_initialize
0x9380f499: _class_lookupMethodAndLoadCache
0x9381f736: objc_msgSend
0x90ebe74c: -[GFNodeManager(PlugIns) loadPlugInAtPath:]
0x90ebe445: -[QCNodeManager loadPlugInAtPath:]
0x90ebe9df: -[GFNodeManager(PlugIns) loadPlugInsInFolder:withExtensions:]
0x90ebe87b: -[GFNodeManager(PlugIns) loadPlugInsInLibrary:withExtensions:]
0x90ebe7f3: +[QCPatch(Registry) loadPlugInsInLibrary:]
0x90fd2c4b: _RegisterPatches
0x90ebcd9c: +[QCPatch(Registry) patchManager]
0x9301367a: _nsnote_callback
0x9525da4a: __CFXNotificationPost
0x9525dd23: _CFXNotificationPostNotification
0x93010a70: -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:userInfo:]
0x9301a108: -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:]
0x93ad2a8b: -[NSWindow becomeMainWindow]
0x93ad12e7: -[NSWindow _changeKeyAndMainLimitedOK:]
0x93ad0fa0: -[NSWindow makeKeyWindow]
0x93ad0ee0: -[NSWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:]
0x93a519ab: -[NSDocument showWindows]
0x93a4fc71: -[NSDocumentController openUntitledDocumentAndDisplay:error:]
0x93048a6e: __NSFireDelayedPerform
0x9527cb7e: CFRunLoopRunSpecific
0x9527cd38: CFRunLoopRunInMode
0x907098a4: RunCurrentEventLoopInMode
0x907096bd: ReceiveNextEventCommon
0x90709531: BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode
0x93a4bd5b: _DPSNextEvent
0x93a4b6a0: -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:]
0x93a446d1: -[NSApplication run]

"Safe" Folder Images patch on a Web Page

Hey all - looking for a way to use the Folder Images patch on a local web page. I am trying to do a slide show from images in a local folder using a composition.

Chris suggested maybe making a duplicate of the original Folder Images that doesn't do the safety checking. Or maybe if it only allowed the file:// url it would still be 'kinda' safe.

Or, if anyone know a way around the "unsafe"ness of the path, that would be great too.

thanks, M

Midi Clock Global In

a midi clock patch that observed all channels, so application with the midi clock can work on any computer without the user having to set the observed midi channel within the composition. Much like the MIDI Global CC and note patches in Kineme plugins.

An input on the patch that cancels unwanted multiple midi clock signals would also be great

Thanks :)

Open/write/read serial port

I'm looking for a developer to create a general serial port open-read-write patch.

Inputs: 1. name of serial port, eg: /dev name 2. serial communation settings, baud rate, stop and start bits, parity 3. string to be sent to the serial port on a trigger 4. Delimiter character that segments output string.

Outputs: Anything read from the port, string output. One item for each line delimiter.

While this can be used for any device with a serial interface, the immediate need is for this http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/exhibition/witilt/ I would also like to use it for a SpaceMouse maybe http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/dataformats/spacemouse/

Please feel free to forward questions for more details.

Starting bid: US$100 but open to suggestion/negotiation depending on just how hard this is.

2D Drawing / Vector Artwork / Nodebox

  • I came from Flash, I'm a graphic person by nature, where is this in QC's world?
  • The nodebox project is reasonably mature and creating _really _high _quality _work and is open source.

Is it sane to join the dots here? They might well be interested too.

See [http://kineme.net/product/Kineme2D](http://kineme.net/product/Kineme2D).

3D Primitives

It would be handy to have OpenGL primitives exported to allow simple point, line, triangle, and quad drawing.

For point and line, 1 and 2 colors would be specified, in addition to the vertices. For triangle and quad, maybe an image input as well, to texture it.

Scientific Visualization

From some recent mailing list discussion, a weakness for scientific data visualization has been made glaringly obvious. I'm not sure how much we could 'solve' this weakness, but here were 3 suggestions:

  1. A data IO patch for reading simple column based data. This would be presented as multiple arrays or multiple time series for dynamic data.
  2. A set of general 3D primitives (which appropriate texture coordinates) such as spheres, cylinders, boxes, cones, ... and useful dimensional properties, position, scaling in each axis, rotations.
  3. A colour ramp generation patch, mapping numerical values to images (textures) using one of a number of colour ramps, red-blue (hot to cold) etc.