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Bug Status Submitted by On
VideoTools v2.3 ; Blackmagic capture ; BlackmMagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder crash D: Duplicate xniala 2013.05.29
Certain nested transformations cause a crash. R: Rejected me2 2013.05.24
QC Crash, Resolume Crash 3: Done slof 2013.04.18
Kineme3D Object Blend doesn't Blend UV coordinates 3: Done renaars 2013.01.31
Kineme2D Vector Contains Point has a memory leak 3: Done nisar 2012.11.12
Qtz Crashes R: Rejected Pixel in fact 2012.04.21
Quartz Builder 1.4 app crashes on startup with a colorspace issue 3: Done jrs 2012.04.17
"Full Screen on Start Up" in KinemeCore 0.5.2 is disabled!!! 3: Done voxdeserti 2012.03.30
QuartzCrystal "unable to render" after 4 frames R: Rejected benoitlahoz 2012.02.12
Playing videos using Movie Importer not working in QuartzBuilder version 1.4 R: Rejected Richard Land 2012.02.10
Syphon Server and Mesh Renderer R: Rejected rbetin 2011.12.03
QuartzBuilder 1.4 Bug R: Rejected gtoledo3 2011.11.30
forum: can't edit posts and/or attachments/licensing 3: Done gtoledo3 2011.11.25
K3D rotation bugs R: Rejected gtoledo3 2011.10.19
GL linestructure and pointstructure patch not available in library R: Rejected Venom Design 2011.10.15
Qtz crashed R: Rejected Pixel in fact 2011.09.17
Kineme Core in QC 4.5 R: Rejected pho 2011.09.09
Kineme Network Tools loses key in Preferences Plist R: Rejected mattgolsen 2011.09.08
Iterator Crash R: Rejected .lov. 2011.08.31
v002 screen capture fail to work with histogram R: Rejected mron 2011.07.05
ChartTools does not render in QuartzCrystal 3: Done mradcliffe 2011.05.25
iTunes Visualizer 3: Done nonstopdj 2011.03.23
MIDITools Global Input Midi Note Follower off by one issue R: Rejected mbira 2010.11.25
Command Line Tool crashing R: Rejected pibo 2010.11.16
Crash problem with ArtDmx Receiver 3: Done ugasparon 2010.11.05
Kineme 3D Mesh Blender inside GLSL lighting R: Rejected Scratchpole 2010.11.04
CAN'T RENDER ANY 3D R: Rejected windup 2010.10.25
Quartz Builder Mouse/Multitouch Events Forwarding/Window Events 3: Done gtoledo3 2010.10.02
Quartz Builder Midi Out/in limit R: Rejected mymurat 2010.09.10
Kineme3D crash 3: Done slof 2010.08.03
Quartz Builder issues with Pixelnode Art-Net plugin R: Rejected sorenknud 2010.07.09
KnM 3D / render in image flicker 3: Done franz 2010.07.08
Is this a Bug? Structure To/From File patches 3: Done jersmi 2010.06.07
ArtNet Sender structure input bug 3: Done akaioni 2010.06.01
Very strange Results when iterating through a list generating jpegs R: Rejected axs1 2010.03.28
Display Enumeration with Quartz Builder 3: Done mattgolsen 2010.03.03
audio tools snow leopard 3: Done fsk 2010.02.28
Kineme 3D crashes R: Rejected jersmi 2010.02.24
COGE bug :( 3: Done shaker08 2010.01.20
Kineme Core 0.5.1 not recognized - iMac i7 - OS10.6.2 3: Done d3lray 2010.01.14
3d plugin bug? R: Rejected hiltmeyer 2010.01.13
KinemeCore 0.5.1 new installation to system not detected on 10.5.8 MacBook Pro R: Rejected jeremydouglass 2010.01.12
Multitouch patch & Structure key member 3: Done vkok 2010.01.07
Particel Tools in snow R: Rejected boya 2009.12.02
crash reporter freeze R: Rejected 639me 2009.07.27
Kineme Structure from File Memory Leak 3: Done volkerk 2009.06.23
Unsuccessful attempts at using QuartzBuilder 3: Done ml 2009.05.17
Kineme Audio File Input patch R: Rejected usefuldesign.au 2009.05.15
QuartzCrystal: Rendered mov video has different colors than quartz composition R: Rejected nico 2009.02.24
KinemeCore (v0.3 I think) 3: Done usefuldesign.au 2009.02.19
Spooky Patch v0.2 causes crash in Editor after setting channel name D: Duplicate adrianward 2009.02.12
KinemeCore 0.4 ? non transparent editor 3: Done franz 2009.01.29
Audio Video Bug Report 3: Done cybero 2009.01.26
Quartz Composer Patches Not Working Correctly R: Rejected KAN 2009.01.21
Two Firewire Video Inputs doesn't works at the same time... R: Rejected mfreakz 2008.11.20
insta-crash when forces/particles removed with collision 3: Done bbinkovitz 2008.11.19
Spline Patch Value Initialization R: Rejected dwskau 2008.11.11
Line Dropouts in QuartzCrystal generated DV-PAL Movies R: Rejected yellow 2008.10.24
new GL tools 3: Done Markh 2008.10.08
Terrible Crash Quartz Crystal 3: Done manuelzg 2008.09.13
ImagewithComposition requested log 3: Done manuelzg 2008.09.04
Composition tool not picking up official api plugins? R: Rejected psonice 2008.07.25
error at launch 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2007.12.01
Sparkle isn't multi-thread safe R: Rejected cwright 2007.11.19
Texture Patch non-multiple-of-4 widths R: Rejected cwright 2007.11.10
folder images don't work with iterator R: Rejected DanieleCiabba 2007.10.26
Folder Movies Patch 3: Done cwright 2007.08.22
wiimote and atan2 3: Done cwright 2007.08.21
Composition-relative addressing 3: Done cwright 2007.08.01
Folder movies doesn't detect special characters or aliases 3: Done yann 2007.07.29
Wiimote Patch crashes QC when Bluetooth is turned off 3: Done franz 2007.07.18
Speech Synthesis crashes QC with large input text 3: Done mrphoton 2007.07.15
Many patches don't work at all on PPC R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.10
Image With Composition Patch renders 100% red 3: Done smokris 2007.07.07