Settings Dialog with save and load params functionality (Composition by jrs)

Author: jrs
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
Date: 2013.02.21
Compatibility: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
Required plugins:
Kineme File Tools, Kineme DataTools (to be released), Kineme Spooky Oatches, Noise Industries QC Plugins

A settings dialog that allows you to control parameters via keys, mouse and nudge buttons as well as control the min/max values and the scale of movement when using the keys. It also save and loads the parameters via the kineme structure to file patch.

Release: VideoTools, v2.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 2.3
Release Notes

Changes since VideoTools 2.2

  • New Blackmagic Capture patch.
  • Added support for ProRes formats:
    • ProRes 422
    • ProRes 422 (Proxy)
    • ProRes 422 (HQ)
    • ProRes 4444


Known Issues

  • The Blackmagic Capture patch has only been tested with the Blackmagic Decklink card
  • ProRes 4444 format does not support transparency (so videos are fully opaque)
  • H.264 videos stutter when played backwards
  • All VideoTools patches provide only video input, not audio input
  • Firewire cameras only support certain combinations of Color Coding, Resolution, and Framerate. Watch the Error output and Console log when troubleshooting.
  • Due to issues with the underlying frameworks, video device info cannot be queried once a video device is in use. Therefore Video Device Info is only updated once: when the composition is first started.

Release: Kineme2D, v1.1

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.1
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme2D 1.0

  • Fix UV coordinate generation in Bezier Grid with Path patch.
  • Fix memory leaks in Image With Vector Structure patch.
  • Expose attributes field in Vector Structure with SVG.

Known Issues

Triangle Structure With Vector and Extrusion With Vector will not generate triangles, and may under rare circumstances crash, when given a vector that intersects itself.

Vector Structure With SVG supports only a subset of the SVG language.

Supported SVG features include:

  • SVG files generated by Adobe Illustrator
  • Some path elements (moveto, lineto, cubic, close)
  • Basic shapes (rect, circle, ellipse, line, polyline, polygon)
  • Text
  • Groups
  • Transforms
  • Stroke/fill attributes

Unsupported SVG features include:

  • Size units other than pixels (inches, ems, percentages, ...)
  • Gradients
  • CSS
  • Scripting
  • Animation


@bernardo created the Kineme2D logo.

@gtoledo3 and @usefuldesign.au contributed to the sample compositions.

Kineme2D uses the GNU Triangulated Surface Library, which is licensed under the LGPL. Our modifications are provided.

Release: Kineme3D, v1.7

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.7
Release Notes

Changes since Kineme3D 1.6

  • New 3D Object to Vertex Structure patch
  • Added FBX animation support to 3D Object Loader patch (commissioned by @franz)
  • Added "Animation Length" output to the 3D Object Loader patch
  • Added "Polygon Mode" settings to 3D Object Renderer and 3D Object Structure Renderer patches

Known Issues

  • OS 10.8 introduced changes to the OpenGL calls made in QC's Mesh and Sprite patches. In OS 10.8 a Sprite or Mesh Renderer patch rendered in the same scene and directly before a Kineme3D Object may corrupt the Kineme3D object's triangle buffer.


  • If possible, modify the rendering order such that 3D Object Renderer is before the Sprite patch, or not immediately following it.
  • Use 3D Plane Generator and 3D Object Renderer in lieu of a Sprite patch.

Julia3d mesh (Composition by voxdeserti)

Author: voxdeserti
License: Public Domain
Date: 2012.11.19
Compatibility: 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
Required plugins:

Set of fractal points with sorted connections between them. you can alter a shape of it by moving mouse cursor and then hitting 'space' bar. (All unused patches has been cleaned up)