GLSL Vertex Shader Texture Support QC4

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I've just noticed vertex texture fetch (ie using textures in a GLSL vertex shader), seems to be working with video input on my new MacBook Pro in QC4/Snow Leopard. There has been much discussion around this whole issue on Kineme, so I'm wondering if maybe some of you could try this simple example composition on your systems, and let me know if it works for you, and if you get reasonable frame-rates. I'm intrigued to know if VTF has finally been fixed so it works with non-static images, and on the GPU, and if so, on which hardware.

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Twirler (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.09.10
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

This is a composition that takes an image and warps it using GLSL, a Sphere renderer, and Kineme3D HeightField. It also incorporates Kineme GL Tools Polygon Mode.

glsl and texture

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I'm wondering if its possible to apply to a 3d obj a glsl effect and let its mantein his original texture...


Fisheye (Composition by cwright)

Author: cwright
License: MIT
Date: 2008.06.27
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

Demonstration of using GLSL to warp GL geometry into a fisheye view.

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