QC to synthesizer Tonic

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Tonic is a great C++ Library for audio synthesis !

Porting the lib in Objective-C or writing a middleware was to hard for me so I came to this working but not satisfying solution. (note : I think the Obj-C wrapper included does not match my needs) :

I've made some little modifications to TonicStandaloneDemo exemple in order to get a command line tool that reads commands from the standard input port.

I've specified a list of variables that can be adjusted dynamically by writing messages like :


Then I put it in a QCPlugin (64bits, SDK 10.9), as an executable ressource. The plugin manages the command line tool via NSTask and NSPipe and write messages on the standard input when a parameter is changed in QC.

It crashes sometimes, this occurs when you change a variable "too fast", something related to Tonic it seems.

Does anybody knows a best way to drive a C++ command line tool without using standard input ? Or simply slow down the rate at which messages are sent (that's what I tried, with a message queue that is triggered at a fixed rate). More generally, is there existing QCPlugins for sound synthesis inside QC ?

I hope you'll find this interesting or amusing ! Have a good day...

PS : If you need to kill Tonic's process manually : ps aux | grep "Tonic" kill ###

If you do some changes in the code of TonicStandaloneDemo, you'll need to put it again into TonicQC because it need it's own copy, not just a reference.

telestream audio codec

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i've been using the movie exporter plugin for some time now and it works really well. Did anyone ever consider using the telestream audio codec to capture the computer audio while exporting the video? Is it possible?

libpd built into a QC Plugin

Is it possible to build LIBPD into a quartz composition? LibPD is built for simple integration into existing systems and has already been built into iOS etc...

Cheers, Alex

AUSampler Preset Patch (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: (Other — see description)
Date: 2012.01.20
Compatibility: 10.7
Required plugins:
AUSampler Plugin

here is an AUSampler plugin for QC. with apples new AUSampler component in lion.. it is now possible to quickly make software instruments by saving a preset .plist file and loading it up in your quartz or iPhone applications....

fully supported with midi io. just plug your keyboard in and launch the plugin and start playing immediately no conditional logic hassles set up or anything.

if more complex routings are more your style then you can programmatically send midi messages to the qc sampler from qc or any other host or hardware interface you have. the plugin also provides midi structured outputs messages so you have access to some raw midi note cc, and device data ;)

by using presets you can create lush multi-timbral sounds with complex parameter mapping. by sending the sampler a midi note or midi cc structure you can then gain access to performance filters and lfo's etc... it is also possible to load .dls sound fonts into the sampler editor and save them as AUSampler presets.

build some sequences in qc or add some physics to midi or maybe just add some generative soundss to your qc file.

please check the read me for the proper sample file locations.. you can load a preset from anywhere... sounds need to go in /Library/Audio/Sounds folder or the plugin Resources folder if you want to redistribute. i have included a sample preset to play with and directions on how to quickly make your own.

the plugin will not load if your presets and sounds folders are empty.

AudioSpectrumVumeter (Composition by rbetin)

Author: rbetin
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs
Date: 2011.11.19
Compatibility: 10.6, 10.7
Required plugins:
Kineme Audio Tools

Audio Spectrum Vumeter with 50 up to 10KHz visualizer.

Select input with Up/Down arrow keys. Master volume, channel and peak sensitivity.