Detect end of video playback

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Is there a robust method for detecting the end of video playback in Quartz Composer?

Thank you

QuartzCrystal doing Audio

Hi, The KinemeAudioPlayer Patch doesn't export Audio in QuartzCrystal.

As already stated before me there is no real Audio Support in Quartz Composer. The MovieLoader doesn't play Audio, but exporting the audio and put it in a seperate KinemeAudioPlayer works fine for the length of my Composition (26 sec.). But there isn't Audio in the Export. There isn't Audio in the DV Firewire Exporter Sample of Apple.

I now try to get it "batch applied" after the rendering is done.

SafeWrapper (Wrapping unsafe) e.g. SafeMovieLoader

I developed a few ideas for batch rendered movies.

I would really like to have a SafeMovieLoader, but since loading remote RSS/XML is also restricted in QuicktimePlayer, I would love a SafeWrapper, where I can load unsafe Patches, maybe including some security measures as restricting the SafeWrapper to a single Installation, since I only need it for running my own stack of Movies. Since such a Wrapper would need Installation anyway, it could include information as my Name, and it might only work with Compositions having my name in the Metainfo.

on the other hand, a batch mode (maybe using command line, Apple Compressor or Hot Folders would be the perfect solution in QuartzCrystal.

Line Dropouts in QuartzCrystal generated DV-PAL Movies

Hi, I just bought the QuartzCrystal License this week, so maybe this is a beginner mistake:

I did export a composition to a 26 sec. DV-PAL movie. The composition includes a background coming from a MovieLoader, since I don't know much about exporting my composition with alpha to be applied as overlay onto the movie.

I did take two screenshots, they are 46 frames apart, and there is nothing that indicates the reason for this little black hole in one line.

If you need the full export, or another composition exported, please let me know.

Movie Loader - From Memory


is that possible to load .mov files directly to the memory before playback starts from the hard drive?

When i played 4-5 mov (10-30mb) files from my fw400 hdd the fps amount goes down.