Safe Audio Input Not Working

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Hi everyone! just wondering if anyone can give a brief description of how to use the kineme safe audio input plug in? I've installed Audiotools, Kineme Safeudio plug v1 and v2.

when I drag v2 into the editor all I get is a macropatch with nothing in it. v1 is also a macropatch with nothing init and the audio tools audio input plug in also does not work.

what's the basic procedure to get audio in an out of the kineme plugins?


Quartz Composition Translation/Compilation/Anything Else

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I am an independent computer programmer working on a game based in Quartz. I had planned to submit it to Apple as an iPad app, but you can probably imagine my expression when I had coded 4500 patches, and then discovered that my source for thinking that Quartz Composer was supported on the iPhone/iPad OS was false...

So what I would like to do is translate my Quartz Composition into an iPhone/iPad OS compatible language such as Cocoa and/or OpenGL. Is there any easy way to do this, or must it be done manually? My time is pretty much free.

Advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, mindoftea

Reload button for Quartz Crystal

In my compositions lots of stuff happens in the first seconds and I'd like to be able to change some published inputs and then watch composition again. So in Quartz Crystal I'd like to see composition starting again when pressing reload button.

Best Tapio Haaja

Field rendering for Quartz Crystal


I'm looking for ways to use Quartz Compositions in broadcast environment and field based rendering would be very useful feature for Quartz Crystal. Of course I can later use some other software and turn 50/60 fps progressive files to 30/25 fps interlaced files but it would save me one step :D

Best Tapio Haaja

Hide Cursor in Quartz Builder apps

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I want to hide the cursor in a fullscreen Quartz Builder app. I changed info.plist UIpresentation mode to all suppressed (4) which got rid of the menu bar but I still have the mouse cursor. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks