Image importer speed up?

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Hi! I have a problem with the image importer patch. In my composition I have a basic directory scanner -> image downloader -> billboard chain+syphon client. In the folder there are several thousands of images, all max 1440x1080, medium to low jpeg settings. The goal is to show them smooth at 30fps and record it with syphon recorder at FullHD/30p.

However, the composition does not run steady at 30fps. Photos from my digital camera run at max. 20fps, whereas other images (screenshots, isight photos, etc) run at 30fps. Everything runs really fast, but the difference in speed between the different kind of images are really noticeable. Moreover, I sometimes get a "black frame" when loading the next image happens a little too slow, and that also shows up in the video recorded with syphon. In some cases there are even some glitch effects in the syhpon video or the recording breaks.

I have an 2011 MacBook Pro, running Snow Leopard with 8gb ram and a AMD Radeon HD 6750M Graphic with 1gb.

Is there a way to speed up the image importing process and balance everything? There is an option called "Maximum Cache size"in the image importer patch, but it only caches the past images. Quartz Crystal works fine, but it is necessary to run everything in realtime.

thanks for your help, Sebastian

higher playback rates than 1 using movie importer

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i'm currently working on an interactive project where the speed of a bicycle dynamo will generate a midi cc signal that will interact with movie playback rate and exposure in qc. i got an arduino and a midi shell on it's way, the excellent tom scarff has been very helpful! using the movie importer in asynchronous mode, i have access to the playback rate. but it doesen't exceed 1. i've tried searching the site for posts that've touched on this topic, but haven't found any. could someone help out? i thought of a dirty workaround to export the sequence at double speed, and use rate 0.5 as normal, but it will have quite a severe impact on audio.