higher playback rates than 1 using movie importer

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i'm currently working on an interactive project where the speed of a bicycle dynamo will generate a midi cc signal that will interact with movie playback rate and exposure in qc. i got an arduino and a midi shell on it's way, the excellent tom scarff has been very helpful! using the movie importer in asynchronous mode, i have access to the playback rate. but it doesen't exceed 1. i've tried searching the site for posts that've touched on this topic, but haven't found any. could someone help out? i thought of a dirty workaround to export the sequence at double speed, and use rate 0.5 as normal, but it will have quite a severe impact on audio.

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Re: higher playback rates than 1 using movie importer

If you're okay not to have sound from your movie, turn off Async mode in the Movie Loader, and select External Timebase from the popup menu. That will give you a Patch Time input, which is the position of the playback head you want rendered by the Movie Loader patch. You can plug into that a number that increases according to the speed of your bicycle dynamo via the Arduino.

To get that ever-increasing number, create an Integrator and plug it's output into the Patch Time. Then set the Value input of that Integrator to a number which varies according to your Arduino's output.

If you set the Integrator's Value to 0.0, the output value never changes. If you set it to 1.0, the output value increases by 1.0 every second. You can set the Value to any number (even negative) meaning that it gets the effect you want without the need to control the movie player's playback speed at all.

Hope that helps!


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Re: higher playback rates than 1 using movie importer

Won't vade's Movie Player patch work for you? If you haven't already been over to v002.info, perhaps you ought to take a look. Hope that helps.