Video Scratching

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I am looking for a good way to "scratch video" in QC. By scratch, I mean analogous to Dj scratching in that one can alter the speed, position, and direction of a video on the fly using some fader, rotary, or other controller.

I have looked around, and it seems as though dust made it pretty good with his approach but I found no file to dive into.

The internet hints at using some sort of queue system to drive the video's position from what I have gathered.

Of course, if I hook up the mouse input to the rate, or selection start, the video becomes choppy. I know there is a good way to do this.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated

Best Video Playback Codec

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I have been using Quartz extensively for playing back loops, adding effects, etc, and I was wondering what the fastest video coedc would be for playback in Quartz Composer?

The clips are usually played at 720, but that may be irrelevant. I have been using video programs, so converting them to any codec is not the problem, but there are so many options I was not sure which would be the most tailored to QC - H.264, ProRes, etc

Mappit v1.1

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I introduce Mappit v1.1 Mappit is a easy, free, simple to use Video Mapping program that can display any picture or video, on up to 9 customizable surfaces.

I spruced up the original Mappit and made a few changes and now it is ready to be used.

I simplified the layout, added more video formats, better media playlists, more mapps, live video feed, and simplified install.

So check it out, and give Mappit 1.1 a try

Mappit: A Quartz Video Mapping App

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I wanted to make a dead simple, standalone program for Video Mapping - 2 windows, simple controls, photo/video.

It is amazingly useful as a mapping tool - think quad with corner controls. Mappit can use photos and videos.

To all those here, thanks for all the help along the way I couldn't have done it without you. I am sure someone will find this useful.

Check it out, and grab a copy here

Choppy Video in QC

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Hi, just a quick one.

Has anyone noticed that video playback in quartz can drop frames during video playback?

I've been having major problems. They seem to be worst when using the standard QC "movie importer" but still persists when using the same player in asynchronous mode.

I've also tried the V002 movie player, which helps again but it's still not reliable enough for what I'm trying to do.

Has anyone got any theories as to why this is happening?