VCR (Composition by smokris)

Author: smokris
License: MIT
Date: 2009.09.28
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

A basic five-function VCR: play, reset, pause, rewind, fastforward.

Example composition for Ohio University MDIA486.

Detect end of video playback

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Is there a robust method for detecting the end of video playback in Quartz Composer?

Thank you

Fading between patches

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Hello All!

I am new to quartz composer, but avidly finding my way around. I am working on a new performance that involves switching between four patches running different effects, I have the composition set up so that I key command switching between video feeds/patches. My problem is I would like to fade to black in between each composition and then fade into the next one. I imagine this is pretty simple to some, Any ideas?

I have also been trying to get this work with Qlab loading the quartz compositions, but I cant seem to get the fader to work for the video feed. Perhaps someone has worked with quartz and Qlab before! Help my performance is getting closer!!!


Audio in Quartz Builder

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Please find the first of a three part tutorial series on making a Quartz Builder application, that contains audio, with which the rendering composition does interact upon this linkAudio in Quartz Builder A

Part two Audio in Quartz Builder B

Part three Audio in Quartz Builder C

Example files included for download from the tutorial site.

2008.11.05 Quartz Composer Seminar @ Ohio University

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I was asked to give a guest lecture in John Bowditch's "Future of Digital Media" class at Ohio University a few weeks ago.

Here's a trimmed-down version:

(Sorry about the low-quality sound.. I'm in the middle of moving and hadn't yet unpacked my wireless headset mic :^P )

Referenced in the seminar:

Thanks to all the Kineme users whose work contributed to this seminar!