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Iterator Spline

I would love to have a version of the GL Spline that worked with iterators so that each point on the spline was defined by an iteration. The same system could also be applied to polygons or other objects with an open-ended quantity of defining points. This could also be good for lights.

Quartz Crystal / get parameters (dimensions, fps, duration) from published outputs

Quartz Crystal lets me enter values for published inputs of the 'root' patch, which is great. I would like to be able to set output parameters (such as the output dimensions, fps and duration) to values that are published outputs of the root patch.

Use case:

I am using Quartz Crystal to run a complex set of Core Image kernels on a series of (large!) mov files. I can select the mov file to use using a published input, it would be great if the qc patch could communicate back the duration of the selected movie, so the composition gets rendered at the correct duration (and fps & dimensions).

Fluid Solver for QC

I would like to ask if it would be possible to make a Fluid Solver for QC? This could be used for simulating fluids, gases and other natural phenomena. I have put together some literature about various implementations - hope that is of interrest.

I think that having a fluid solver in QC would open up a wide range of amazing visual possibilities.

GPUGEMS article http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems/gpugems_ch38.html

Code samples GL implementation and literature from Nvidia (GPGPU Fluid and Superflow): http://developer.download.nvidia.com/SDK/9.5/Samples/gpgpu_samples.html

Jos Stem's papers ("A Simple Fluid Solver based on the FFT" recomended) http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/people/stam/reality/Research/pub.html

Online Example as Java applet http://www.multires.caltech.edu/teaching/demos/java/stablefluids.htm

iPhone application from Autodesk: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=295089687

What do you think about?

Improved Script Editor - Printing

Just wondering about the possibility of improving the script editor with maybe tab panels and also an option to print.

iTunes info plug-in

Pretty self explanatory- a plugin that delivers the same info that you would need if you were making a iTunes protocol Quartz Composition. The basic idea is to be able to pull the currently running track info from iTunes, and feed it to a standalone (eg., not being run inside of iTunes) QC composition or app.

StorePatch: Load OR Import.

I would like to introduce an idea that could help for different matters such as Kineme 3D Licence, Copyrighted media (music, video...), composition sharing, composition carrying (on other computer), Application building, etc...

Some Patches import media (such as "Image importer") and imported media are saved and embeded with the composition. Other patches only load media (such as 3D, Video, audio files loaders) which aren't store in the composition. This is a bit confusing...

StorePatch: The idea is to separate those 2 fonctions in 2 patches in every cases with only one new patch: the StorePatch. A "loader" will only load a media (datas, video, 3D Models, music...) and the StorePatch will only store and embed (and protect) those medias in the composition (or application in the case of Export2App) like the "Import image" do !

Those 2 different concepts should help in many ways. If you want to create a composition with embeded stuff, you should link a Loader Patch (3D, Audio... as you need) to a StorePatch and when your datas/medias had been stored, you could remove the Loader from the composition ! Datas/medias are include, no need to manage them out of the composition ! If you want to create a composition with a browser ability, or a flexible management, you could choose to link a "Loader Patch" as usual, to your renderers, without using the StorePatch.

Then only the "Loader" could be copyrighted ! If you produce a composition/application to be shared or sell, you could include all the pluggins you need with it. Only the "loaders" could be copyrighted (by Kineme or others). People using your composition or application doesn't need loaders, they use you embeded datas/medias. They don't need a specific licence because they don't "Create" things with those pluggins.

Only copyright or serialise the Loaders. In this way, Kineme 3D plugins (or other future Kineme Pluggins) could be include in your Application (see: Export2App) or shared with your compositions. The StorePatch should work without licence, but the loader don't ! In the case of Export2App, Kineme 3D's pluggins could be include in the application without their Loader patches. If someone try to hack the application to grab the Kineme 3D Pluggins, he couldn't have the "3D Models Loader" which isn't there and which need a licence to be used in QC... And without a loader... You could do nothing with Kineme 3D...

If you want to share an application or a composition with your music, video... the StorePatch could help to embed all your media (useful for sharing, carrying or displacing projects) without the ability to catch them out of the composition. Useful to protect your work !

If you create a big project with a lot of sounds, pictures, StorePatch coudl help to create a full embeded and autonomous project.

When a loader has been linked to a StorePatch (every kind of datas), the StorePatch will import and store them and doesn't need more loaders to run in your composition.

The StorePatch isn't a ValueHitorian but it could store valuehistorian data ! This could help to create a kind of Value Bank ! or to build a kind of "Multiple Take" player without creating more patches than: StorePatch...

The StorePatch doesn't store running values (like the valuehistorian), it store static objects or different backup (like structures, audio files, video, 3D Models, xml, valuehistorian datas...).

The StorePatch should be linked first to a loader. All things that could be saved or loaded in Quartz Composer could be imported by the StorePatch.

What do you think of that new Patch ? Do you think it could be useful to embed/protect your datas/medias in the composition or application ? Do you think that it solve the question of sharing protected/licenced Pluggins ? Do you think it could be useful ?

Quartz Crystal Render Queue...?

Quartz Crystal Render Queue...?

Settings Patches floating directly in the Editor Window !

What about creating a couple of "visual tools" directly linkable to other Patches in the Editor Window ? I think about a simple (with size settings) Slider, a numerical field and a wheel that could be plugged to patches inputs in the Editor window and that could be manipulated to refine settings or use the Editor Window in live situation for managing the main screen... I know the Patch parameters window do that, but in numbers of Noddle programming Software (Eyesweb, Max...) users can add those precious Sliders directly in the Editor. I think this could be a great new feature to start working with those kind of interface. Think about our .qtz demo comps (with the stickies notes) in our forums, or the future option in the future Export2App that could take those "edited" inputs with your preferences (a slider or a wheel, and index or a number...)

Do you think this could be useful ?

Adjustment Patch

Is there a way to create a patch that can have an overall effect on what is being drawn in the main window? Like an "Adjustment" patch. The idea would be to pipe in a filter(s) that would augment the entire composition instead of just one sprite or billboard.

Create Text from Particles

Hi there!

Once again seeking advice here in this amasing forum.

I wondering how to create text made of particles from the particle tools v0.3.

the effect i like to recreate is something like this example from Christopher Wright named Particle metrix.

Thanks in advance

regards niklas