DIP Switch (Composition by Sala28)

Author: Sala28
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
Date: 2013.10.16
Compatibility: 10.7, 10.8
Required plugins:

A simple custom composition to help set DMX compliant devices.

Just click on the channel text field and type the desired address than hit return ⏎ or click outside the box.

Similar the MadMapper tool.

I used some patches from QC DESIGNERS . You can get at if you want.

DIP switch

DMX Colour from Grandma or other dmx lighting controller to VDMX

mynameisavisual's picture


I want to automaticly change the colours in vdmx when the Lightjockey changes the colours of the lights (true vdmx). So my visuals have the same coulours as the lights.

Is this possible?


DMX+Arduino+QC help

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hi! I'm italian guy, I would to ask an important question to people from this forum because i can't find the answer around the web. I would like to link the lighting system (DMX) to a club to ARDUINO and manage it in QUARTZ can i do it??? i'm waiting for answers. thank you for your help!!!

VDMX/QC to lights via Enttec DMX USB Pro?

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I'm having a hard time trying to figure out a very simple lighting rig from my mac to a single light over an enttec dmx usb pro. Does anyone have any experience with this box? It's an ftdi thing, so I'm assuming artnet won't work, but I'm willing to try just about anything. I just need to be able to send midi and get this light to turn on and off.

EUPHORIE / featuring bunch of KnM tech

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Hya i'm proud to present EUPHORIE, an audio visual curiosity, performed by François Wunschel (that;s me) and Fernand Favier, and featuring a bunch of KnM plugins, notably the ArtNet DMX patch to drive the neon-guitars (via Artistic License NetLynx ethernet card.)

The usual blabla on the blog Thanks to Kineme for such useful technology.