Obsolete Plugin Cleanup

It would be excellent if there was a little utility app, independent of kinemecore probably (but this wouldn't be bad with kinemecore too), that would go and "cleanup" old plugins like structure tools, directory scanner blocking, spooky, gl tools during the alpha port function era, etc., that have been made obsolete by new plugins/have been lumped in with new plugins. Like, how Kinemecore checks for duplicate versions/older versions of a given plugin, or locations being in the wrong place.

I realize that something like that would have to have a static list of some outdated plugins inside the app and patches that replace them, that would be maintained, and that this could get into a pain. Maybe this would be best as an opensource thing where people could update that list themselves.

The purpose of it's being it's own utility app, script, or whatever, is so that someone wouldn't have to start up QC to do a "plugin management".

The "problem" scenario, is that, if you're loading an app that uses patches like Structure Maker or Directory Scanner Blocking that have been gobbled up by other patches over the years (DataTools, FileTools), and the user has them double installed - like, they have Structure Maker AND DataTools installed, not only does QC have problems on start, but it's pretty darn hard to figure out a way to keep your own app from crashing on start, or not initializing, because of the duplicates.

Maybe there's some eloquent way to handle this in the internals of an app, but I sure haven't found it - and I doubt there is in the case of duplicate plugins, when loading them from user, library, or system locations. I don't necessarily want to stop external loading of QCPatches altogether, but I guess that would be the alternative, to making it so the user doesn't have to jump through as many hoops. It just keeps them from using QCPatches installed on their system though (like QB does currently), which is sometimes not an advantage.

Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

This would be an option for kinemecore.

When one control clicks to insert a splitter, you get the menu of ports. There would be another menu that leafs off of each port that allows one to choose a type of splitter.

Use example: if one has a mouse boolean going to a bunch of integrators, one could make a number output splitter instead of a boolean. This would allow one to place a math patch in between and return the result past the splitter, instead of the splitter converting it back to boolean.... without rewiring a composition. Cables would definitely have to "not" break when splitter type changes.

We could also use things like index splitters off of numeric ports to turn things to integer and get automatic rounding, without rewiring everything.

Second version - splitter transmutate, ala macro transmutate. That would be fine as well.

flatten virtual macro

This would be a kinemecore feature, that would show up in the choices along with "transmutate".

This would "flatten" a selected virtual macro in the same way that the (not too well known?) composition tool does to a whole composition.

Extra Patcherator in Extra Editor/ Patch Inspector for Extra Editor / Macro Drag and Drop Duplicate

After discovering the hidden old style patcherator via QCEditCompositions, I realized that this would be a really nice addition (the OLD style built in patcherator) in the Extra Editor in Kinemecore, since the functionality and layout is already so similar.

Also, it would be nice to be able to pull up patch inspector for things in the Extra Editor (kinemecore) (a Patch Inspector available for each window would be ideal), or have the normal patch inspector become active for whatever window is in focus (as opposed to only the main Editor window), so that Settings can be changed inside Extra Editor as well.

Thirdly, it would be very snazzy to have a macro icon by the macro title in Extra Editor, that can be dropped onto itself, or back onto the main Editor for instantly making duplicates (a qtz icon in the title bar in QCEditCompositions can be dragged back onto itself to create a duplicate macro).

KinemeCore Preferences… Menu Item Shortcut

I tried assigning Cmd+Opt+"," to the K Menu>KinemeCore Preferences… no joy. I even tried Cmd+"K"!

Looks like the K menu is a colourful non-conformer to Apple UI Guidelines ;)

I'm often switching the "Viewer to float" on and off depending on other apps, situation etc, shortcut compliance would be nice next time KinemeCore gets an update