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Pretty...Gross 3D Stereoscopic from George Toledo on Vimeo.

I've been having some fun messing around with stereoscopic stuff in QC and figured I'd share a few visual results.

If you use a little "cross eye" technique so that both sides of the image create a image "in between", in the center, that image should look 3D.


Stereo anaglyph compositing tutorial

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I'm happy to finally release some of the CIfilter code I was working on earlier this year at Vectorform - compositing solutions for stereoscopic images! Covers the three main flavours of anaglyphic glasses; Anachrome (red/cyan), Trioscopic (green/magenta), and ColorCode (amber/blue). Minor controls for image alignment and colour contrast (customise mixing of red/green/blue channels to tune colour perception vs. retinal rivalry).

Tutorial – File downloads –

There are some example images too, so you should have all you need to test things out. Let me know what you think - it may not be the most ideal for realtime usage (like with Kineme GLtools), but still usable. Most of my work is for rendered output, so speed hasn't been my biggest concern. Should result in rather nice quality though!