Kineme: Quartz Composer Stuff was a community surrounding the development of
Quartz Composer custom patches, plugins, and other hacks.

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The Kineme website has retired;
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Our current focus

In 2012, we started building a new visual programming environment
that doesn’t rely on Apple's Quartz Composer (which Apple no longer supports).
We’ve created Vuo, and people are using it to create amazing shows and installations.
You can download the free Community Edition.

Unsupported — We cannot guarantee that this software will work properly on Mac OS 10.8 and above.

If you'd still like to purchase a license to an unsupported Kineme product,
please use PayPal to send the appropriate amount to,
we'll respond with your license key(s) within 24 hours.

How to break backwards compatability

To be more well-behaved, we need to break backward compatibility briefly while we change namespace. Specifically, we need to prefix all our plugins with "Kineme" to keep them separate from other patches people may write.

Transparently change the composition when loaded, warn the user
38% (3 votes)
Keep the old stuff, and warn the user when they use it
38% (3 votes)
Do a clean break, but keep the old stuff for a while
13% (1 vote)
Do a clean break; No old stuff
13% (1 vote)
Don't change: you've taken the namespace, might as well keep it
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 8


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We've been kicking around an idea to take QC plugins up a step.

Right now, there's a ton of duplicated header information in each plugin's source code. Each time we discover something new about the internals of QC, we update the project we're working on, but those changes do not get applied to all the plugins that already exist. This has caused some confusion (which our 0.5 template release scheduled for later today should amend somewhat, albeit temporarily).

There's also a pretty big lack of inter-plugin resource sharing.

Release: Shell Command, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes

Shell Command Patch

This update to the Shell Command Patch improves security by limiting where the patch can be used.

[ More info on this patch ]

Release: WiiMote Control, v0.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.2
Release Notes

This update to the WiiMote Control Patch fixes a bug where Quartz Composer would crash on startup if Bluetooth is disabled. This happens due to a bug in the DarWiinRemote framework, so the fix is simply a work-around at a higher level.

WiiMote Control Patch, v0.2 [ More info on this patch ] Universal Binary

How to draw your own patches in the Composition Editor

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example of draw-your-own patches in Composition EditorWe can override the patch drawing method, using the infamous poseAsClass technique.