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K3D rotation bugs

Somewhere along the line, kineme switched whatever it's using for the model loader library. From that point on, tons of models changed rotation and size values, rendering hundreds of compositions of mine as restoring incorrectly when people open them now, with no kind of prompt for the user, but also rendering the older compositions pretty much useless unless one does major re-edits.

Is there some kind of way of having old versions of the patch, concurrent with whatever the new library is? Is there something you guys could do to tag stuff, ala gl tools "deprecated patch" functionality? Short of that, which was the last version that had the old rotation and sizes? I know this has been like this for awhile, but in looking at a lot of old compositions today, I'm realizing how unfortunate it is for none of them to restore correctly.

GL linestructure and pointstructure patch not available in library

Some comps aren't working and they are throwing missing patch errors for patches from GL tools.

Dug around and don't see any of the GLtools patches in my library now.

QC 141.5 framework 236

osx 10.7.2 dual 2.4 quads

Kineme Core in QC 4.5

I'm running Mac OSX 10.7.1 and quartz composer 4.5. When I have Kineme Core 0.52 installed, quartz composer crashes everytime I try to connect one patch to another.

Please find enclosed the report.


Kineme Network Tools loses key in Preferences Plist

I have been unable to reproduce this bug manually, but it occurs on at least weekly basis (running 24 hours a day). It happens on 20 different machines, usually at the same time (but not always), and I think may be related to intermittent network access (network drops, NetworkTools is activated).

Somehow net.kineme.NetworkTools.plist is losing the "NTKey" entry. I've attached a working .plist and a corrupted one that is missing the NTKey entry. I've changed the extension to .txt to allow attachment.