Kineme Quartz Composition Repository

Title Author Submitted
Multitouch Gesture: 2 Finger Drag smokris 2009.11.27
3D EQ Scratchpole 2009.11.24
roundcube.png Roundcube smokris 2009.11.20
File List to Image Structure smokris 2009.11.17
RibbonDance2a.jpg RibbonDance2a leegrosbauer 2009.11.11
GL Cube Structure Polygon Mode gtoledo3 2009.11.04
Join Structures mlaser 2009.11.04
gt l3.png GT L3 gtoledo3 2009.11.02
GT Lines 2 Pop Art.png GT Lines 2 Pop Art gtoledo3 2009.10.30
gt_lines_grab.jpg GT Lines gtoledo3 2009.10.28
Screen shot 2009-10-10 at 3.29.17 PM.png quaternion trackball dust 2009.10.10
cvtools - point - flow clear points gtoledo3 2009.10.09
g etra .jpg Quartz Composer OpenCL Snow Leopard Tips: Heightfield with CL Kernel - VideoImage Extrusion Example Composition gtoledo3 2009.09.30
VCR smokris 2009.09.28
Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 2.18.42 AM.png Apple Script Plugin dust 2009.09.26
massacre.jpg Massacre gtoledo3 2009.09.20
faceoff.jpg Face Off (Quartz Builder Interaction patch App Test) gtoledo3 2009.09.19
motion tracking core image.jpg Motion Tracking CI Dissolve (App) gtoledo3 2009.09.19
sbl.jpg Shadow Building Loop gtoledo3 2009.09.19
metameric.jpg Metameric gtoledo3 2009.09.19
Screen shot 2009-09-13 at 9.09.46 PM.png Gold Dust Refinery dust 2009.09.13
Screen shot 2009-09-13 at 6.11.18 PM.png Kineme 3D Fluid Simulation dust 2009.09.13
Screen shot 2009-09-12 at 6.27.50 PM.png Custom Multi-Touch Gestures dust 2009.09.12
Blobber Flow gtoledo3 2009.09.12
sphere.jpg Twirler gtoledo3 2009.09.10
mapPlaneToSphere.png Map Plane To Sphere smokris 2009.09.05
CL Kernel Deformer Example, Audio Reactive gtoledo3 2009.09.05
buildingloop.jpg Bulge City gtoledo3 2009.09.04
buildingloop.jpg Building Loop gtoledo3 2009.09.03
IO Gesture gtoledo3 2009.08.27
phil.jpg Phil gtoledo3 2009.08.23
PointCounterPoint gtoledo3 2009.08.21
New Land gtoledo3 2009.08.20
Letter Noise gtoledo3 2009.08.17
Imagen 1.png Dynamic Slider offonoll 2009.08.12
AbeillesAzurees.jpg Abeilles Azurées leegrosbauer 2009.07.29
Twister Sphere Value Historian Example gtoledo3 2009.07.28
Picture 4.png reactive dance 4VJS dust 2009.07.25
Picture.png illusion dust 2009.07.07
SunSpiral.png Standing on the shoulders of Giants staring at the Sun Scratchpole 2009.07.07
DepthOfField.png Depth Of Field cwright 2009.07.04
Picture 2.png Splatter Paint dust 2009.07.02
lifeform.jpg Lifeform psonice 2009.07.01
refraction.shader.png GLSL Refraction cwright 2009.06.30
sphereLoop dust 2009.06.30
wirerockin.jpg Depth Bomb - Video Synth with Kineme3D ala Gl Heightfield / Rutt Etra gtoledo3 2009.06.30
Wind Bag gtoledo3 2009.06.30
Legoman gtoledo3 2009.06.30
pauli-dyson-lenard5.png Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion smokris 2009.06.29
Perlin Noise CIKernel smokris 2009.02.26