Feature Requests (Closed)

fire image
Title Status Requested by On
Additions to Vector Structure with SVG 3: Done nisar 2012.11.30
midi led(s) D: Duplicate zackon1 2012.08.07
Obsolete Plugin Cleanup R: Rejected gtoledo3 2012.04.19
Quicktime Video Output Patch R: Rejected tsukasa 2012.04.08
libpd built into a QC Plugin R: Rejected Alexander Mitchell 2012.03.12
Kineme Video Tools | Asynchronous Mode R: Rejected cybero 2012.02.10
K3d object mirror 3: Done blackburst 2012.01.23
End Position for Audio File Player R: Rejected scalf 2011.08.28
Ability to set layer order R: Rejected sorenknud 2011.07.23
Quartz Crystal 3: Done dust 2011.06.20
Clip Icon for Editor - Kinemecore R: Rejected gtoledo3 2011.06.15
Support Garbage Collection 3: Done Peter 2011.06.07
CVTools FloodFill & Connected Components R: Rejected benoitlahoz 2011.03.28
Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice R: Rejected gtoledo3 2011.02.05
how to create shadows in 3d kineme ? R: Rejected neurox 2010.11.25
iTunes Extended Protocal Inputs R: Rejected SaintTheo 2010.10.21
PARTICLE TOOLS - Object Emitter - Structure input. R: Rejected bernardo 2010.10.09
flatten virtual macro R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.10.02
K3D Loader features - Axis Swap / MTL Loader 3: Done gtoledo3 2010.09.26
K3D - "rotation origin" and/or translate/rotate/rotation origin struct input for structure renderer. R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.09.15
stereoscopic renderer without FOV R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.09.13
KinemeCore Drop patch into Macro feature. R: Rejected usefuldesign.au 2010.08.22
Get R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.08.06
Spore Creature Creator Usage/K3D-Thoughts R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.08.03
Interaction Editing- Copy/Paste/Duplicate in Viewer R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.08.03
QuartzBuilder - Batch, building multiple compositions R: Rejected dimitre 2010.08.02
Mega Conditional/Rules Patch R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.24
Get Mesh Output Port Tooltip Image/ Tooltip Stuff -Structure Tools R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.24
Souped up Struct Environment & Structure Environment in Reverse - Obtaining all info in Macro with Structure Output Environment R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.15
Facility to Save Notes when Making Macro Patches R: Rejected cybero 2010.07.13
Extra Patcherator in Extra Editor/ Patch Inspector for Extra Editor / Macro Drag and Drop Duplicate R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.12
Metacarta or Similar API QC Plugin R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.12
KinemeCore Preferences… Menu Item Shortcut R: Rejected usefuldesign.au 2010.07.08
Multi-View RII R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.04
Slice RII R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.07.04
Skanky SDK latest release R: Rejected franz 2010.07.01
KnM SHADOW Environment / request R: Rejected franz 2010.07.01
Field rendering for Quartz Crystal R: Rejected Tap5a 2010.06.14
Bookmark Patch D: Duplicate usefuldesign.au 2010.06.10
Lighting Bypass 3: Done gtoledo3 2010.06.06
Structure > Outputs Patch 3: Done toneburst 2010.06.03
Would like to see a product to export .Saver screensavers R: Rejected Martino 2010.06.02
Value Historian load .plist 3: Done jersmi 2010.06.01
"break modifier" type warp for Kineme3D R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.05.10
Structure Smooth/Morph R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.04.30
Idea For Discussion - Offscreen Window Grab App Launcher & Embedment /Menu Bar Interrogator Super Hack Provider Plugin R: Rejected gtoledo3 2010.04.28
Quartz Crystal skip initial frames 3: Done dimitre 2010.04.17
QC Auto Class Stubbing or Code Generation of QC Context R: Rejected dust 2010.04.05
Human mapping R: Rejected Prack 2010.03.22
Mesh Capture Plugin R: Rejected toneburst 2010.03.12
Multitouch Patch should always keep events in order they were received 3: Done planoform 2010.03.05
Export PDF (as in vector art not rasterised image) from QC R: Rejected usefuldesign.au 2010.03.03
QuartzBuilder Hide mouse in fullscreen option 3: Done planoform 2010.02.19
Polar 3D Point Structure from Cartesian Point Structure and back again conversion patches. R: Rejected usefuldesign.au 2010.02.17
Audio tools for Snow leopard 3: Done justints 2010.01.23
WiimotePatch update (Audio!) R: Rejected mfreakz 2009.11.24
Postscript Language Patch 3: Done toneburst 2009.11.03
Kineme GL Camera Patch with Target coordinates 3: Done mfreakz 2009.10.25
Feature Request - Block User R: Rejected gtoledo3 2009.10.03
QuartzBuilder should use the previous app icon 3: Done planoform 2009.09.18
QuartzBuilder Esc key to exit option 3: Done planoform 2009.09.18
QuartzBuilder Window Dimensions in Full Screen R: Rejected planoform 2009.09.18
Midi clock - on the fly connection R: Rejected dimitri 2009.08.26
Quartz Builder Published Inputs 3: Done dimitre 2009.08.26
QuickTime broadcaster R: Rejected pbourke 2009.08.13
QB with fullscreen option 3: Done volkerk 2009.07.31
MIDI Program Change R: Rejected williamcotton 2009.07.29
Phidgets Plug In R: Rejected videmaniacs 2009.07.19
Improved OSC Send/Receive R: Rejected toneburst 2009.07.15
Kineme 3D Primitives R: Rejected photonal 2009.07.10
Global Input Midi Value Follower with 'Key Range Filter' R: Rejected grapejuice 2009.07.03
Animata Renderer R: Rejected waxtastic 2009.06.18
Directory Scanner/ with comments reader, more options R: Rejected gtoledo3 2009.05.15
Patch to handle more than one firewire camera separately 3: Done dimitre 2009.04.30
Fractals R: Rejected offonoll 2009.04.28
3D stereoscopy 3: Done offonoll 2009.04.28
Iterator Spline R: Rejected dwskau 2009.04.20
Quartz Crystal / get parameters (dimensions, fps, duration) from published outputs R: Rejected ahoeben 2009.04.06
Fluid Solver for QC R: Rejected s.rozsa 2009.04.02
Improved Script Editor - Printing R: Rejected cybero 2009.03.31
iTunes info plug-in R: Rejected gtoledo3 2009.03.12
StorePatch: Load OR Import. R: Rejected mfreakz 2009.03.09
Quartz Crystal Render Queue...? R: Rejected DanieleCiabba 2009.03.05
3D Transformation Renderer with Scale 3: Done usefuldesign.au 2009.03.04
Settings Patches floating directly in the Editor Window ! R: Rejected mfreakz 2009.03.03
QuartzCrystal Published Parameters D: Duplicate Michael Neely 2009.03.02
Adjustment Patch R: Rejected Michael Neely 2009.03.01
Auto Index patch 3: Done yanomano 2009.02.28
Wanted Green Iterator 3: Done yanomano 2009.02.26
Create Text from Particles R: Rejected coyne 2009.02.26
Audio integration and export for QuartzCrystal R: Rejected Michael Neely 2009.02.26
patch minimize button - R: Rejected bernardo 2009.02.26
2 windows editor for 1 patch... 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2009.02.23
Custom Object Animation Patch R: Rejected Michael Neely 2009.02.22
image in editor R: Rejected DanieleCiabba 2009.02.19
System events 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2009.02.19
Export2App 3: Done mfreakz 2009.02.17
QuartzCrystal - TIFF export 3: Done dimitre 2009.02.04
Procedural 3D Mesh Creation 3: Done spasm 2009.02.02
small image->2d structure 3: Done bernardo 2009.01.30
Quartz Crystal Rendering Done Notification 3: Done kristopf 2009.01.27
RTSP Streaming Patch R: Rejected mattgolsen 2009.01.27
Publish all inputs function 3: Done yanomano 2009.01.26
Quartz Crystal / Render Statistics 3: Done franz 2009.01.20
kineme3D object from camera, picture, or video input... R: Rejected gtoledo3 2009.01.18
keyboard shortcuts navigation patch R: Rejected DanieleCiabba 2009.01.13
Kineme3D-MDD file import and playback R: Rejected mail 2009.01.05
Skeletal animation with Inverse Kinematics R: Rejected SteveElbows 2009.01.02
I don't even know what to call this... R: Rejected gtoledo3 2008.12.20
Thread for QuickLook 3: Done .lov. 2008.12.09
Polygon Effects D: Duplicate toneburst 2008.12.03
<QCImage> Broadcaster 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2008.11.06
elapsed time Plugin R: Rejected Prack 2008.11.02
QuartzCrystal doing Audio R: Rejected yellow 2008.10.24
SafeWrapper (Wrapping unsafe) e.g. SafeMovieLoader R: Rejected yellow 2008.10.24
ARTNET patch 3: Done franz 2008.10.09
String With URL: Refreshing 3: Done magnetmus 2008.10.07
Launch applications from a composition R: Rejected pbourke 2008.10.03
Audio analysis (FFT etc) of audio file 3: Done memo 2008.09.28
Sequencer Patch (Updated Timeline Patch) R: Rejected mfreakz 2008.09.28
spotlight searchable patches 3: Done 639me 2008.09.27
multiple wii inputs 3: Done goto10 2008.09.26
DELAY R: Rejected franz 2008.09.23
Movie Loader - From Memory 3: Done .lov. 2008.09.15
Particle Pen Macro/QTZ 3: Done gtoledo3 2008.09.13
A Camera. R: Rejected manuelzg 2008.09.09
Cornu and Bezier Curves R: Rejected toneburst 2008.09.08
VDMX and QC R: Rejected Prack 2008.09.07
OpenGL code patch D: Duplicate dimitre 2008.09.05
Image output to file R: Rejected dimitre 2008.09.05
COLLADA support 3: Done manuelzg 2008.09.04
Streaming via connect360 R: Rejected manuelzg 2008.09.04
KnM Audio Tools/ volume peak option in Audio input patch 3: Done franz 2008.08.25
KNM. GL Polygon Mode / Square mode 3: Done franz 2008.08.25
Safe OSC Send/Receiver 3: Done sare 2008.08.20
Directory Scanner 3: Done .lov. 2008.07.03
Dijonctor Patch 3: Done yanomano 2008.05.02
Picking/selection R: Rejected cwright 2008.04.27
Matrix Maths Tools R: Rejected toneburst 2008.04.24
Structure Processor R: Rejected tobyspark 2008.04.23
Audio level per-frame as 1D texture 3: Done toneburst 2008.04.21
host command patch R: Rejected yanomano 2008.04.19
Safe Video Input 3: Done NSCocoa 2008.04.18
3DConnexion Spacenavigator Plugin 3: Done toneburst 2008.04.16
IsoSurface Viewer 3: Done toneburst 2008.03.17
Image to DataStructure Patch R: Rejected franz 2008.03.04
Multi-Pass GLSL Shader Patch R: Rejected toneburst 2008.02.27
open file window patch 3: Done yanomano 2008.02.05
input splitter-->root macro patch 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2008.01.23
particle systems 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2008.01.13
Arduino 3: Done waxtastic 2007.12.27
Image Sequence reader D: Duplicate yanomano 2007.12.13
Kineme GL code Tool R: Rejected yanomano 2007.12.08
"Safe" Folder Images patch on a Web Page 3: Done FredenFromSweden 2007.10.26
Midi Clock Global In 3: Done itsthejayj 2007.09.19
Open/write/read serial port 3: Done pbourke 2007.09.17
Screen and Window Capture R: Rejected smokris 2007.09.10
KINEME datatype R: Rejected franz 2007.09.09
Reading text file in real time R: Rejected atishmeh 2007.09.06
WebKit Renderer R: Rejected smokris 2007.09.01
Crop to size + Fit to size R: Rejected tobyspark 2007.08.31
2D Drawing / Vector Artwork / Nodebox 3: Done tobyspark 2007.08.28
3D Primitives 3: Done cwright 2007.08.26
Scientific Visualization 3: Done cwright 2007.08.25
Image Output Window Patch R: Rejected smokris 2007.08.22
Wiimote Unleached 3: Done Lupin 2007.08.22
Image With GLBuffer Patch R: Rejected smokris 2007.08.20
3D Object Loader 3: Done DanieleCiabba 2007.08.20
AppleScript Receiver R: Rejected smokris 2007.08.20
Speech recognition patch 3: Done franz 2007.08.18
Custom constrain aspect ratios R: Rejected Tim Devine 2007.08.13
motion detection R: Rejected DanieleCiabba 2007.08.09
Clipping for Sprite and Billboard patches R: Rejected smokris 2007.08.08
String With File: add range input R: Rejected smokris 2007.08.06
Structure Tools 3: Done tobyspark 2007.08.06
Audio data type / audio patch R: Rejected franz 2007.07.30
Snap-to-grid in composition editor 3: Done smokris 2007.07.24
Karaoke display of lyrics in iTunes R: Rejected mradcliffe 2007.07.18
SVG importing / rendering / manipulation 3: Done smokris 2007.07.17
Gesture Recognition R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.17
Simple GRID 3D primitive 3: Done franz 2007.07.15
OpenCV Patches 3: Done franz 2007.07.15
Constructive Solid Geometry patches R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.14
Video Buffer 3: Done franz 2007.07.14
GUI Widgets R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.14
Send / Receive patch similar to Pd 3: Done franz 2007.07.14
Folder Movies 3: Done franz 2007.07.14
F-Script Patch R: Rejected cwright 2007.07.11
String Parsing Patch R: Rejected cwright 2007.07.10
Text File Writer Patch 3: Done smokris 2007.07.10
Speech Synthesis 3: Done smokris 2007.07.07
Frame blender for better slow-mo video R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.07
Execute shell script 3: Done smokris 2007.07.07
Open DMX USB Output R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.07
Port xscreensaver modules R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.07
Port FreeFrame plugins R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.07
Better "Plasma" generator R: Rejected smokris 2007.07.07
Starfield Generator / Better Particle System 3: Done bbinkovitz 2007.07.06
OSC Input/Output 3: Done smokris 2007.07.06